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Why Clearing Land is Beneficial to Your Property

At the end of the day, nature will do what nature does. Growing things love to grow. But as property owners and stewards of the land, it’s our responsibility to manage the boundaries between our home and the surrounding wilderness. Thankfully, keeping your land manicured and tidy also provides a return on investment. Ultimately, your property is both an asset and a square of the natural world.


Periodic land clearing provides numerous advantages to property owners while also improving the usability, health, and safety of the surrounding land. In Nashville and middle Tennessee especially, land clearing can preserve the shape, quality, and value of property. For optimal results, forestry mulching is the #1 recommended method of land clearing in middle Tennessee.


Here are just a few of the benefits of land clearing and forestry mulching.

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Increase Value

Not every acre is created equally. An acre of lovely, trimmed grass is more usable and valuable than an acre of tangled, dead woodland. Furthermore, overgrown areas of your property will continue to grow, tangle, fight for nutrients, and fall into disrepair. If left for too long, clearing this or that acre on your property may cost you many times more than occasional land clearing.


Forestry mulching especially can add value back into the land by keeping that land healthy and happy. By removing stumps, trees, and vines and turning them into mulch, you’re using unwanted features of your property to enhance and enrich the remaining features. Best of all, forestry mulching is the only land clearing method that doesn’t cause extensive soil erosion, ensuring your land’s value for years to come.

Increase Usage

Your land is precious—not just as an asset, but as the setting for your day-to-day life. Who wouldn’t want more usable land for their own enjoyment? But if large parts of your property are covered in dense woodland, you’re only using a fraction of the property you own.


Forestry mulching can turn unusable acres into pristine walking forests or clear a path toward another, more usable part of your property. At a lower cost than you likely pay for your monthly mortgage, you can reform several acres of land into usable space, effectively reclaiming it for whatever you like. Usable land can also add value to a property, providing an equally tidy return on your investment.

Increase Safety

Who among us didn’t grow up playing in the trees, hills, and creeks? Our relationship with the natural environment is central to our identity as southerners, especially in and around the Appalachian mountains. But now, as parents, it's hard to let our children wander out into the overgrown, spiny, bug-and-snake-infested areas of our property. Thankfully, forestry mulching can remove the unwanted and preserve the rest.


By clearing away downed trees, logs, stumps, vines, and great walls of twisting vegetation, you leave fewer places behind for dangerous critters and pests. This also distances those critters and pests from your home, meaning less invasive guests in and around the house.

Increase Investment

Vegetation that starts 20 feet away from your porch won’t stay 20 feet away for very long. When too close to a home, vegetation takes its toll on our property value, turning our siding green or seeding plant life in our gutters. Meanwhile, in the drier months throughout middle Tennessee, the risk of wildfires increases. By clearing vegetation away from your home, you’re creating a buffer between anything that burns easily and the wood and timber frame of your house.


A healthy treeline is a sight to behold, but it’s best beheld at a reasonable distance away from the house. Forestry mulching takes closer, unwanted undergrowth and turns it into nutrients for the woodland you wish to preserve—a win/win for plants and homeowners alike.

Forestry Mulching in Nashville & Middle Tennessee

The land that we own is our responsibility, but keeping that land healthy and happy is about much more than preserving the natural environment. Forestry mulching keeps the forest happy and the homeowner happy by increasing value, usage, safety, and your ultimate investment in the property.


To learn more about how forestry mulching can improve your property in Nashville or middle Tennessee, contact All Terrain Land Clearing and Brush Control today. Forestry mulching is one of, if not the, most affordable land clearing options available, and putting it off for too long could find you paying many times more for a less valuable service.


Improve your Nashville or Middle Tennessee Property with Forestry Mulching

You don’t have to be a tree hugger to want to take care of the land you own. To preserve your property, maximize its value, and safely enjoy more of your land, there’s forestry mulching from All Terrain Land Clearing and Brush Control. To learn more about our land clearing options, or to investigate forestry mulching further, contact us or give us a call today at (931) 446-6056.

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