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 Excavating Serving Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville and Middle TN

All Terrain Land Clearing offers a full services excavating division. If you're in need of trenching, utility lines, water lines, ditching, driveway culverts, road building or erosion control. We can help.


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Our Clients Love Their Results
I wanted to replant a tree in the same spot where he was to remove the old stump. He made sure everything was removed, by even doing some hand digging and some pick axe work. I highly recommend anyone to use this company. He will treat you the way he wants to be treated. - Michael G.'s Rating - Michael G.
We were extremely pleased! Isaiah was very detailed and took extra precautions to take care of our job. We HIGHLY recommend this company! They will take care of your needs!!!! - Kristie F.'s Rating - Kristie F.
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If you take a drive around middle Tennessee you can clearly see almost all new construction needs proper grading and land leveling. Contractors rarely finish grading jobs correctly. We have the ability to move small or large amount of soil to desired grade and finish. All Terrain Land Clearing also utilizes state of the art laser technology to ensure exact grade and slopes.

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Do you live in Middle, TN and have drainage problems or standing water on your property? All Terrain Land Clearing can help. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and laser grading tools to ensure we get water flowing in the proper direction. Middle Tennessee is known for its monsoon-type rains which can result in standing water. This water destroys your grass and topsoil. Give us a call for all your drainage and ditching needs.

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All Terrain Land Clearing had experience in building, compacting, and leveling building pads. These pads can be used for houses, barns or sheds. We utilize compacting equipment, laser leveling tools, and years of experience which results in a rock solid, level pad ready for any structure you have in mind. All Terrain Land Clearing uses a special base material that can be compacted to a very hard density preventing pad settling.

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