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Why We’re The Best

We Transform Overgrown Tennessee Properties into Places You Can Enjoy!

We Are an Owner Operated Family Business that Guarantees Accountability and Satisfaction

All Terrain Land Clearing's founder, Isaiah Burch, personally helps handles every job himself, allowing customers to have peace of mind regarding each clearing project. From the first time you call to the initial consultation to the final property walk, you will be interacting with an owner that cares deeply about his reputation, as well as your property.

Meet Our Happy Clients
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Not All Brush Control and Land Clearing is Created Equally! 

All Terrain Land Clearing and Brush Control is more than just a land clearing company.  We are in a totally different league in comparison to other land clearing companies.  There is NO other land clearing company in Middle Tennessee producing such amazing and clean results.  Also, unlike our competition, we incorporate design aspects in each selective land clearing project.  Each clearing project is carefully thought out with attention to symmetry, existing vegetation, tree spacing, and usable space.  This is the foundation for a beautiful aesthetically pleasing cleared property.  We let our results speak for themselves, check out our portfolio!  

Secondly, we utilize custom proprietary sharpened steel knives that actually cut and slice the trees and brush into small chips.  All other companies utilizes carbide "hammer teeth" that just smash wood into large unmanageable chunks.  They do this because carbide teeth are much cheaper for the operator but leave a horrible uneven finish.  

Another thing that makes us stand out from our competition is we utilize forestry mulching machines.  These machines make land clearing a one step process.  We come in and grind all the trees and underbrush to fine mulch that will break down into the soil.  No more brush piles, no more bulldozing, no more burning!  

In addition, we do not use brush cutters to clear land!  They are cheap and incorrect equipment choice for clearing.  Brush cutters are designed for tall grass and weeds.  If brush cutters are used to clear land, dangerous stumps and sticks are left sticking up making the land unmanageable.  

Lastly, we utilize very special customized machines that have the ability to grind brush and trees into very small chips. These chips breakdown into the ground adding nutrients to the soil.  We personally tested and modified existing forestry machines resulting in a finish that is nothing like the competition.  

Our Clients Love Their Results
This company is the REAL DEAL! I am definitely using All Terrain Land Clearing and Brush Control again. Isaiah exceeded my expectations with his service, pricing, AND personality. Isaiah still takes the time to check up on us. Who does that?! It’s plain to see he cares and takes great pride in his business. The equipment was really impressive too! He made my project fun and truly went above and beyond for us. He even took the time to clean the sidewalk AND driveway! One word for this guy- WOW - Shannon M.'s Rating - Shannon M.
I wanted to replant a tree in the same spot where he was to remove the old stump. He made sure everything was removed, by even doing some hand digging and some pick axe work. I highly recommend anyone to use this company. He will treat you the way he wants to be treated. - Michael G.'s Rating - Michael G.