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What is Forestry Mulching? - A Guide

For most residents of Nashville, TN, and the greater middle Tennessee area, the forest is never too far away. In some cases, we may even build or buy our homes right next to a deep treeline. For children and adults, a nearby forest invites adoration and a desire for exploration. But that undergrowth also hides snakes, pests, ticks, and other hazards not typically found on a cleared forest floor.


For the utmost safety and usability of your land, there’s forestry mulching from All Terrain Land Clearing and Brush Control in Nashville, TN. But what is forestry mulching and why is it the preferred method for clearing land in middle Tennessee?

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Forestry Mulching 101

When you think about typical land clearing methods, you may hear chainsaws, smell burning brush, or picture the heavy treads of an industrial excavator cleaving trenches across your lawn. Forestry mulching, by contrast, is a sustainable method that both cleans and feeds back into the land. Of all clearing methods, forestry mulching can improve safety, usability, and quality of land while also improving its long-term health.


Forestry mulching is accomplished by a light, bobcat-like machine with a unique cutting head attached at the front. This attachment allows the machine to ingest whole trees while also turning them into usable mulch. Ideal for trees, stumps, vines, and other tangled thickets of undergrowth, forestry mulching is the only land clearing method that doesn’t cause soil erosion—a key difference in preserving your property.

Advantages of Forestry Mulching in Middle TN

So near the foothills, dales, and hollers of the Appalachian mountain range, residents of middle Tennessee know firsthand how varied and rolling the land can be. Combined with good old fashioned southern thunderstorms, the terrain in Nashville and the surrounding area is at special risk of serious soil erosion. Appropriately, forestry mulching is the safest, most effective, and most responsible form of land clearing for the region.


Beyond preventing soil erosion, forestry mulching has numerous other benefits, including:


  • More Economical - Can be accomplished by one man in one machine
  • More Sustainable - Leaves large roots intact and provides nutrients for soil
  • More Permitted - In areas that don’t allow burning, forestry mulching is the way to go
  • More Safe - No toxic fumes from burning or dangerous cutting required
  • More Respectful - No bulldozing or large-scale destruction as a side effect
  • More Fun - Removes dangerous brush, pests, and obstructions so that children and adults can enjoy their woods
  • More Land - Maximizes existing space while improving usability, health, and safety


In most parts of our country, but especially in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, forestry mulching is simply the best, safest, and most sustainable way to clear your land for use while preserving what made that land beautiful in the first place.

Forestry Mulching in Nashville & Middle TN

In addition to the numerous other benefits provided by forestry mulching, it’s also one of, if not the, most affordable land clearing methods available. Forestry mulching cost per acre is generally less than you’d spend on a fancy dinner for three. Compared to the land clearing cost per acre of other methods, forestry mulching is the clear winner across the board.


To learn more about the benefits of forestry mulching, or to inquire about your land, contact All Terrain Land Clearing and Brush Control right here in Nashville. We’re an owner-operated family business that guarantees both accountability and satisfaction.


Give us a call at (931) 446-6056 and let us clear your land responsibly so that you and future generations can enjoy it equally.


The best land clearing option for residents in Nashville & Middle TN

When compared to other more expensive, more damaging, and less respectful methods of land clearing, forestry mulching offers the most benefits with the least drawbacks. Clear your land for use while improving its overall health and at a fraction of the cost with forestry mulching from All Terrain Land Clearing and Brush Control. To learn what we can do for your property, contact us or give us a call today at (931) 446-6056.

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